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nbn SkyMuster Update – Sunday 20th December

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    • 📡 SkyMuster – Update 📡

      SkyMesh Pty Ltd & Activ8me have noted an outage with SkyMuster devices tonight that nbn are working with both providers to resolve.

      There are currently investigating reports of an nbn network outage, which appears to be affecting a number of SkyMuster and SkyMuster Plus satellite services, Australia Wide across several service providers.

      The outage does not appear to be impacting every single nbn SkyMuster satellite services, but is noted to be associated with those services connecting to the Sydney Data Centres.
      Services that are impacted by this unplanned outage appear to be displaying a flashing, white status light on their nbn Connection Box (NTD).

      This outage is still being investigated by nbn Co, and SkyMesh & Activ8me are working closely with nbn Co. to gain updates as they become available.

      A number of service providers are maintaining Service Status pages relating to the incident:


Viewing 0 reply threads