• WiFi Calling and SMS

    Wi-Fi calling, or Voice over WiFi (VoWIFI), allows you to make and receive voice calls, SMS (text) messages, and MMS (video) messages with a compatible mobile phone over the wi-fi of an internet connection.

    Consider using Wi-Fi Calling if you have limited or no mobile coverage but do have a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi Calling is supported by network providers such as Telstra, Optus (post-paid plans), and Vodafone. However, it requires a separate internet service.

    With Wi-Fi Calling, you can make and receive calls using your home internet, bypassing the need for mobile coverage. It’s important to note that not all providers support SMS or MMS messages over Wi-Fi Calling. This feature can be a game-changer for individuals with limited mobile reception or on the fringe of coverage.

    Download and save this guide for an overview of this incredibly useful service, and some advice on how to access and activate it from your phone’s settings. The guide also explains setting up VoIP and video conferencing.