• nbn wholesale pricing changes recently announced

    NBN Co recently announced new wholesale pricing would apply from 1 July 2024. These new prices, linked to inflation and set in accordance with a framework that was subject to a two-year consultation process, will help internet retail service providers plan how their services are packaged and sold to customers.

    While appreciating the financial pressure facing Australians at present, these price increases have been introduced with the goal of balancing nbn’s ability to reinvest in the network and enabling faster speeds and greater reliability. They are also designed to accommodate a range of products and speed tiers catering to various customer needs and budgets.

    Customers are now seeking higher speeds with increasing use of super-high-definition streaming on 4K TVs, faster gaming, cloud computing, generative artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

    Australians continue to expect higher quality video conferencing and computing capabilities while working and studying at home.#

    In Australia the average household consumes 443[1] gigabytes of data monthly, across 22 devices[2]. This is a significant increase from a decade ago when households used only 40 gigabytes2 of data per month on just 7.4 devices[3]. The trend suggests a continued growth, with projections indicating an average of 33 devices per household by 20263, equivalent to more than 350 million internet connected devices in total in Australia.

    There are now more than 120 retail providers which package and sell nbn products with a range of plans to choose from, ensuring there is an internet plan with various inclusions matched to a range of budgets and needs.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) accepted the framework in which these price changes are made in October 2023 following a two-year consultation with the government, the telco industry and consumer groups (known as the Special Access Undertaking (SAU) Variation framework) prior to this decision.

    You can find out more about the wholesale pricing changes here.