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    The On Farm Connectivity Information Service is provided by the Regional Tech Hub delivering free and independent advice on producers’ connectivity options.

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    The National Farmers’ Federation is proud to support the Australian Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program (OFCP). To help farmers navigate the connectivity investment landscape and make informed decisions for their business, the On Farm Connectivity Information Service is delivered by the Regional Tech Hub to provide free and independent advice on producers’ connectivity and agritech options.

    • On Farm Information Service: a bespoke service to farmers, helping you understand the connectivity options available based on your location, needs and budget. In addition answering all your questions about the OFCP program.
    • Building connectivity literacy: a range of online resources designed to help you best utilise connectivity and agritech solutions.
    • Learning through case studies: a look at how farmers have used the OFCP grant and ways technology have benefited their operations.


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    On Farm Connectivity Program

    • 1 What is the On Farm Connectivity Program?

      The Australian Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program (OFCP) is a $30 million initiative over two years to support primary producers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries in adopting connected machinery and sensor technology.

      Providing a rebate of 50 per cent of the cost of eligible equipment, including installation and training, with grants of between $3,000 and $30,000 (excluding GST), the OFCP covers digital technologies such as soil moisture probes, water flow and pressure monitors, livestock monitoring systems and pump controllers as well as, associated connectivity equipment.

      Round one applications for the OFCP are now closed, as all funding has been fully committed. At this time, there has been no announcement from the federal government regarding timing of a second round of funding. Any further updates will be added to this page as information becomes available.

    • 2 What is the On Farm Connectivity Information Service?

      The Regional Tech Hub works directly with producers using the independent On Farm Connectivity Information Service to help them make informed decisions around the connectivity technologies best suited to their business. The service complements the On Farm Connectivity Program by allowing producers to research their connectivity needs before applying for the grant.

      Whether it be determining how to extend connectivity from the house to the machinery shed or yards, or how to support some of the highly sophisticated production networks and systems they wish to adopt, the Information Service provides practical, tailored solutions.

      Producers are urged to make use of this free, independent advisory service, so they can confidently participate in the On Farm Connectivity Program and access rebated support for the cost of eligible equipment, including installation and training, to boost the productivity of their business.

    • 3 How to get in touch with the Information Service?

      To book an appointment to speak with the Regional Tech Hub about the program, please visit our Contact page.

      You can also find more information on the Australian Government’s infrastructure website.

    • 4 Who is eligible for the OFCP grant?

      The eligibility terms and conditions for round 2 are still to be announced. Please keep a watch of this space or the department’s website.

    • 5 What equipment is eligible?

      Eligible connectivity equipment or solutions can be found in the Catalogue of eligible equipment.
      Eligible connectivity solutions can be delivered through LPWAN, satellite, cellular and/or Wi-Fi technology.

      There are five broad categories of eligible connectivity solutions and associated eligible equipment:
      • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)
      • Connectivity equipment
      • Environmental monitoring
      • Farm management
      • Remote automation and control

      Other eligible expenditure items include subscriptions for data aggregation platforms and software, training costs, delivery, and installation costs.

    • 6 How does the grant process work?

      The process for a rebate is multi step as follows.

      1. Consult with an approved supplier about your needs and identify eligible equipment you wish to purchase.
      2. The supplier will then need to first apply to the Business Grants Hub and get confirmation that the program eligibility criteria have been met before selling the equipment.
      3. Once the application has been approved, the equipment must be purchased
        within 60 days.
      4. The supplier then needs to submit a claim for the rebate.

      example of an eligible transaction

    • 7 How can I become an approved supplier?

      To become an approved supplier for the On Farm Connectivity Program, your company would need to apply during the EOI process to participate in the

      Communication will be forthcoming for the opening of the EOI process for round two of the Program. Please monitor the department’s website for
      announcements or email via OFCP@communications.gov.au to join the department’s mailing list.

    • 8 What resources are available?

      Producers can utilise the Regional Tech Hub’s 1:1 communication channels to ask questions and seek expert advice. You can get in touch by booking a time to speak with our team, contacting our 1800 hotline, or fill out a simple form and we will get back to you with more information.

      The Australian Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program page provides a variety of resources including the approved supplier list.

      We also have a variety of resources available for the program, developed to cover the topics surrounding agriculture connectivity and technologies. More great resources are found on the page below, available for download.

  • On Farm Resources

    • Webinars

      Visit our YouTube channel to watch our latest webinar videos with information on the OFCP program. Learn how farmers are using the program to benefit their operations.

      Go to RTH YouTube page

    • On Farm Connectivity Guide

      Learn about the steps to consider in your on farm connectivity journey, what are important questions to think about and a comprehensive list of key phrases in Agritech.

      Download the guide

    • Building A Farm Connectivity Plan

      Farmers today are increasingly integrating digital agricultural practices into their operations. This factsheet guides you through the steps and considerations when improving or establishing connectivity on your farm.

      Download the guide

    • Farm Connectivity Tech Types

      In modern agriculture, farmers are presented with a plethora of technological options, from IOT to low powered wide area networks. This guide provides an introduction to the use cases, benefits and limitations.

      Download the guide

    • Picking The Right Technology Solution

      When it comes to selecting a communications network for a farming business, there is no one size fits all. This guide looks at the types of questions you may need to ask a supplier when picking a connectivity/ agritech solution for your farm.

      Download the guide

    • A Farmers Guide To Connectivity Equipment

      Enhancing on-farm connectivity requires a suite of equipment designed to ensure robust and reliable communication and data transfer. In this guide, we delve into the purpose of each piece of equipment and its role in agricultural operations.

      Download the guide

    • Types of Environmental Monitors

      Leveraging advanced connectivity for environmental monitoring on farms enables precise and real-time management of agricultural resources, leading to better yields and sustainable practices. Here’s an overview of various environmental monitoring use cases.

      Download the guide

    • Farm Management Equipment

      Effective farm management is increasingly reliant on connected technologies.
      This guide explores various use cases, detailing their functions and the connectivity
      requirements for optimal operation.

      Download the guide

  • On Farm Connectivity Program in action

  • Got more questions?

    Check out our question and answer document. If you still have questions, give us a call on 1300 081 029. The Australian Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program is currently closed, but another $15m in Round 2 is expected to open towards the end of 2024.

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    Feeling overwhelmed?

    Reach out to the On Farm Connectivity Information Service if you have any questions about how the program works or what connectivity solutions might be right for you. Simply, visit our website, book an appointment, or call us on 1300 081 029.