• Using equipment to boost and extend your connection

    In rural and regional Australia, many people experience frustratingly weak or unstable internet and phone connections. Did you know that many connection issues can be solved with additional equipment? Equipment in each category varies in size, type and features. Check out our free advice on the different equipment options below!

    Please note: All networks are switching off 3G services in late 2023 and 2024, therefore purchasing equipment to boost 3G services is not recommended. Ensure any equipment purchased is at least 4G compatible. See 3G shutdown for more information.

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    • 1 Making your connections more accessible

      There are numerous accessibility options so more people can use devices to improve their quality of life.

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    • 2 Improving your connection (mobile and internet)


      You can often improve your wireless or mobile internet/phone connection by using an antenna on your premises.

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      Mobile repeaters

      Popular in regional and rural Australia, a mobile phone repeater is a type of “active repeater” system that takes a weak mobile signal and re-broadcasts it at a higher strength through a specific area.

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      Routers receive your internet connection and then distribute (“route”) it to your devices. Upgrading to a newer version can make more features accessible to you, and improve the stability and performance of your internet connection.

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    • 3 Extending your connection (internet)

      New technology can help you improve an existing connection by extending it across your property.

      Wi-Fi extenders

      Wi-Fi extenders send your wireless connection over further distances, extending the capabilities and access to the signal.

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      Mesh routers

      A mesh router connects to two or more linked devices (nodes) to carry a Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire home on the ‘mesh network’, allowing you to broadcast a strong and reliable 5Ghz signal.

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      Access points

      Access points can be more reliable than mesh routers or Wi-Fi extenders. Each access point creates a new signal as strong as the original one, ensuring consistent network quality.

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      Point to point connections

      Also known as a “wireless bridge” or “Wi-Fi bridge” system. Point to point connections broadcast a local internet connection over larger distances using matched antennas and equipment at both the sending and receiving ends.

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