• Your guide to mobile repeaters

    Mobile repeaters are a type of active antenna. They work to boost your mobile connection at home, at work, or on the move. Basically, they take the strongest signal in your area and re-broadcast it to help eliminate dead zones and improve frustratingly weak signals.

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  • Mobile repeaters made simple

    • 1 How does it work?
      • Mobile repeaters can improve your mobile reception in your home, business or on the road. They receive a mobile signal at a location where it’s strong and re-broadcasts (or repeats) the signal in a circle centred around the repeater itself. This signal could be direct from your device or via cables to a passive antenna on your roof.

        Depending on the unit type and how much stuff is in the way, like walls and furniture, the booster can cover an area from 20m to 60m.

        Mobile repeaters are licensed by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) to operate on the various telco networks. They also require power to work.

        You should check your antenna is compatible with the network you are accessing. Unlicensed boosters are illegal. Using them can interfere with the mobile network (both for you and others) and incur a hefty fine (see Illegal Equipment | ACMA). Currently, Cel-Fi-branded equipment is licensed for use in Australia.

    • 2 Types of mobile repeaters
      • You can find licensed and legal mobile repeaters at Telstra and Australian distributors of Nextivity Cel-Fi (outside of Telstra’s branded Smart Antenna products), Powertec Telecommunications and RFI Technology Solutions.

        The repeaters below and Telstra-branded repeaters are the ONLY licensed and legal repeaters that can be legally used in Australia.

        Note: Cel-Fi Pro and GO Repeaters and Telstra Branded Smart Antennas/Cel-Fi Go are the same devices just supplied by different providers, with the Telstra supplied units having differences in colour and branding. Cel-Fi Pro equipment is no longer sold, however people may still be using them.

      • CEL-FI Pro

        An indoor smart signal repeater. Available for the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone networks. For uninterrupted power, pairing these repeaters with a surge protector and a UPS unit is wise. These units, typically powering desktops for around 15 minutes, can sustain a CelFi repeater for an extended duration during general power failures or when the generator is offline.

        CEL-FI Pro

      • CEL-FI Go Stationary

        A smart signal repeater. Available for the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone networks from Powertec.

        This multi-band solution is perfect for various settings: commercial properties, government buildings, farms, small manufacturing, rural areas, businesses, and sizable homes.

        Pairing the repeater with a surge protector and a UPS unit is highly advised for uninterrupted operation. These units, meant to power a desktop for around 15 minutes, are robust enough to keep a CelFi repeater running for an extended period during general power failures or when the generator isn’t operational.

        CEL-FI Go Stationary

      • CEL-FI Go Mobile

        (GO + and mobile also available)

        A Smart Signal booster for overcoming the challenge of poor cellular coverage on the road. Available from Powertec.

        Ideal for vehicles and boats, it requires a proper antenna, best installed by a professional for optimal performance and reliability.

        CEL-FI Go Mobile

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