• Request a connectivity report

    Unsure of your phone and internet options at your address? Fill out this form to receive a Regional Tech Hub Connectivity Report. This report is available at no cost to you and will provide independent advice on the best connections options that meet your specific needs and location.

    NOTE: Developing a personalised connectivity report for your internet and phone options can be a complex process. Depending on how many requests we have, it may take up to a few weeks to complete your report. Thank you for your patience.

  • We use the information from this form to help us:

    • Locate the best connection technologies based on your needs and lcoation (e.g. technology type, mobile broadband, alternate fixed wireless provider).
    • Help with addressing issues and resolve nbn LOCID (Location ID) issues.
    • Check if you have a line of sight to towers and facilitate a service class change if neccesary.
    • Determine what mobile broadband towers are located nearby and if any boosting equipment may improve your mobile broadband signal.
    • Establish if there are any available Wireless Internet Service Providers in your area.

    Please ensure you include the correct address, region and GPS co-ordinates for your exact location. Ensure the red symbol is directly over the area where the services are needed. This is an important step and is key to ensuring we provide accurate results for your property.

    GPS co-ordinates are needed and should be in this format, eg. -23.295476, 146.713776