• Making your connections more accessible

    The internet offers a wealth of opportunities for connecting with others worldwide. For people with hearing, sight, or mobility impairments, many websites and applications are not always easy to use. It can also be confusing trying to find the right equipment and programs for accessibility.

    Regional Tech Hub helps ensure everyone can access essential resources and enjoy these benefits.

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  • Accessible Telecoms Equipment

    Finding accessible devices and equipment

    Accessible Telecoms is a nationwide disability telecommunications service that provides independent, up-to-date information on everyday telecommunication products and assistive technology for people with disabilities.

    This free service also provides information about product training, set-up, ongoing support and equipment provision (where available). At Accessible Telecoms, you can find training on the devices you use and in an appropriate mode.

  • Types of equipment providing accessible communications

    Equipment and devices can be loaded or purchased according to the type of assistance you require. For example, on the Accessible Telecoms website, you can select the type of device you want and the assistance you require to reveal a list of devices and their features for you to research.

    Some of the many options available include braille keyboards for the vision impaired, phone adaptors for the hearing impaired and deaf, and mobility assistance devices such as touchscreen styluses.

    You can also access training on how to use certain telecommunications, receive assistance in making calls, and explore funding options for assistance in acquiring accessibility tools.

    The site also features a number of case studies demonstrating how people have improved their lives through these features. Check some of them out here:

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  • How to find the right accessibility equipment for you

    The Accessible Telecoms site allows you to search for equipment and devices according to a wide range of needs and functions.

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  • We make sure our values are reflected
    in our work

    • Free advice
      Free And Independent Advice

      The Regional Tech Hub is funded by the Australian Government, ensuring the advice we provide to you is free. We also remain independent, so the options and information we put forward are all assessed equally.

    • Regional Support
      Regional Support

      We believe all Australians, no matter where they live, should be able to access affordable and reliable internet and voice services. Our team are all regionally-based and understand the challenges regional, rural, and remote residents face.

    • Keeping it Easy
      Keeping It Easy

      Regional Tech Hub understands the jargon used around connectivity options and issues can be frustrating and confusing. You can relax knowing our resources and advice are accurate, straightforward and practical.

    • Resolution Handling
      Clear Processes

      We offer various contact options and service levels to suit your needs, ensuring you stay informed and on board throughout every step of your connectivity journey. We strive to make every interaction clear, easy and stress-free.

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