• Working with local communities

    We work closely with regional communities to raise awareness of our services and provide information and support that meet their needs.

  • Community
    • constantly growing
      Growing our network

      We continually expand our network and community outreach to ensure we reach as many people as possible, bringing reliable connectivity and technology knowledge to regional, rural, and remote areas.

    • putting the people first
      Putting people first

      Our goal is to improve connectivity literacy in regional communities so people can understand, use, and fix their connections. We also provide one-on-one services to help with specific connectivity problems.

    • striving for the best
      Partnering for better connectivity

      The Regional Tech Hub works with organisations representing your communities, getting two-way feedback on region-specific connectivity issues. Our partnerships with government and communication organisations ensure we have the latest information to feed back to you.

    • no issue too hard
      Innovative Connectivity Solutions
      Our team has helped thousands resolve their connectivity issues, guiding them through the entire process. We use innovative and creative approaches to introduce new connectivity solutions for regional Australia.
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