• How to choose the best internet or phone provider and plan

    Choosing the right internet or phone provider for your needs can be confusing. The information below can help you choose the best provider and plan for your property, usage and preferences. You can also download this guide for a summary of the information.

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    • 1
      Tech Type

      Every resident is entitled to an nbn® connection. Check what nbn® technology your property is mapped for on their website. You can also check for other connection types.

    • 2
      Data Limits

      Check what data packages the provider offers. Ask if you can purchase data blocks if needed or upgrade your plan in heavy data months? If so, can this be done mid-plan or only at the end of your billing cycle? Are there any on and off-peak data times or limits? Is data shaped when you’ve reached your limit?

    • 3
      Speed Tiers

      Different plans provide different speed tiers and are priced accordingly. Compare and chat with providers to find a speed tier that meets your needs.

    • 4

      Check the monthly costs and contract lengths versus 30-day plans, which you could use as a tester. Also check what methods are available to pay your bill. Are there installation, set up or activation fees or extra costs for additional equipment?

    • 5
      Setup & Activation

      Most nbn® connections are free to set up, but other types of technologies may not be. Discuss the installation and activation process with providers. Do they supply an easy to install modem/router? Does it provide wifi?

    • 6
      Customer Support

      Does the provider have Australian-based support centres? Is support provided after hours/on public holidays and weekends? How are you notified of outages and usage? Do they have ways for you to check usage, data limits, speeds etc.? Not every provider offers the same level of support.

    • 7
      Network Congestion

      Ensure your provider isn’t impacted by network congestion as this can impact the speed. Find a provider who offers good speeds at all times of the day.

    • 8
      Landline Phones

      Check what happens to your landline and how it operates with the type of technology you choose. Check phone compatibility and voice and message services.

    • 9
      Special Requirements

      If you require special devices such as fax machines, medical, fire or security alarms and emergency phones in lifts, check the compatibility of these devices with your provider.

    • 10
      Connection Requirements

      In nbn® Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster areas, you do not have to switch to nbn®. If you have an existing fixed line phone service, it will continue to operate. You may also be able to use mobile broadband internet, existing ADSL or alternative fixed wireless providers. Read more by downloading this pdf.

    • 11

      Consider if you require backup power to keep your connection running in an emergency, such as a generator or a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

    • 12
      Extra Equipment

      Is additional equipment required for your provider and plan? Are your devices compatible with the technology type you’ve chosen?

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