• Important information for your provider to fix your connection issues

    When things go wrong with your phone or internet connection, it can be frustrating talking to your Retail Service Provider (RSP) as you try to pinpoint the issue. However, here is some information to have on hand before starting these conversations to make them easier.

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      Check The Issue

      Check your RSP’s website for any known problems that could be causing your issue. They are the business you pay for your internet or phone connection. If there’s no known outage, contact them directly. They should help with issues such as slow connection speeds and delays, new connections (including nbn®), network outages, billing or faulty equipment.

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      Know What To Say

      It’s important to have your service information ready when you contact your provider. Ensure you have your account number, nbn® Network Termination Device Number if applicable (white sticker on modem), residential address, list of current issues and any questions you may have.

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      Escalate Issue Further

      If you have tried to resolve the issue with your RSP and are struggling to make any progress, get in touch with the Regional Tech Hub using our Escalation Form. Please record your ticket or fault number from your RSP, as this will be used to escalate the issue to your RSP on your behalf. We can get involved in the process to see if we can facilitate a faster resolution.

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