• Choosing the right internet technology

    There are many internet technology types available depending on where you live and how you want to use the internet. These include fixed wireless, satellite, mobile broadband and fixed line. Use this guide as a starting point to find a suitable internet connection for your property.

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      The easiest way to understand the available technology types at your location is to search each provider’s website to see if they cover your property. Use Google Maps to pinpoint your desired internet access location and note the GPS coordinates.

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      Compare Your Options

      Once you know what technology is available (whether nbn®, mobile broadband, LEO satellite or Fixed Wireless) compare their costs, coverage, usage requirements, latency times, reliability and customer support.

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      Get Connected

      Get connected by contacting your preferred provider for your chosen internet technology type. It can be useful in regional areas to have a backup service. You are restricted to one type of nbn® technology (the type your address is mapped for). But you can have a Sky Muster satellite connection and Telstra mobile data connection for example.

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  • To better understand the relationship between internet technology, nbn®, and RSPs, check out this video.

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