Request a Connectivity Report

Unsure of what your best internet options are at your address? Fill out this form for a Regional Tech Hub Connectivity Report. This report is available at no cost to you and will provide independent advice on the best connections options available for your address.

NOTE: Please be patient as this is a time-consuming task (so it may take us a minimum of 4 weeks to get to your case).

We use the information from this form to help us:

  • Locate the most ideal connection technologies for your address/that may meet your wants & needs depending upon your locality (e.g. nbn, mobile broadband, ADSL, alternate fixed wireless provider).
  • Help with rural addressing issues & to assign/update an nbn LOCID (Location ID) to the correct location or add another LOCID for more than one house at the same address.
  • Check if you have a line of sight to any nbn Fixed Wireless towers, facilitate a service class change with nbn so you can try for a signal test.
  • Determine what mobile broadband towers are near you and if any boosting equipment will help you receive 3G or 4G signal.
  • Establish if an alternative non-nbn provider services your area (usually a WISP).

Please ensure you have your correct address (including locality) and co-ordinates before filling in this form.
Co-ordinates should be in this format: -23.295476, 146.713776