• nbn® Sky Muster® plans – Compare the benefits

    nbn® Sky Muster® has three different plan types – Sky Muster®, Sky Muster® Plus, and Sky Muster® Plus Premium. The table below shows the differences between the three plan types, so you can make an informed decision on whether to move from your standard nbn® Sky Muster® plan to an nbn® Sky Muster® Plus or Sky Muster® Plus Premium plan.

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  • The nbn® website holds further information on Sky Muster®, Sky Muster® Plus, and Sky Muster® Plus Premium.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1 What is metering?

      Metered content counts towards your included monthly data quota.

    • 2 What is unmetered/uncapped data?

      Unmetered/uncapped data does not count against your monthly included data, allowing you to use your internet connection freely for activities that fall under this category.

    • 3 What is shaped data?

      Shaped data occurs when you’ve used your data allowance for VPN and video streaming during 4 pm to 12 am midnight for the month. If you are shaped, your connection will be slowed down to basic speeds for the remainder of that month.

    • 4 How does data usage work on standard nbn® Sky Muster® plans?

      On standard plans, all activities are metered, and usage counts towards your plan’s data allowance. If you run out of data, you may be shaped unless you can top up your plan with a “data block,” which is not offered by all providers.

    • 5 How does data usage differ on nbn® Sky Muster® Plus plans?

      On Sky Muster® Plus plans, your monthly data allowance only needs to cover your use of video streaming and VPN traffic between 4 pm and 12 am. Other activities do not count towards your data allowance.

    • 6 What happens if I use up my data allowance on an nbn® Sky Muster® Plus plan?

      If you exhaust your allowance on eligible activities, your data will be shaped for the rest of the calendar month. Some providers offer top-ups for purchase if desired.

    • 7 What are the features of nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium plans?

      Sky Muster® Plus Premium plans offer uncapped data usage with higher speeds, eliminating data usage allowances.

    • 8 How much data usage is typically unmetered on nbn® Sky Muster® Plus plans?

      nbn® estimates that approximately 80% of data usage will not count towards your monthly data allowance on a Sky Muster® Plus plan, but this can vary based on individual internet usage habits.

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