• Providing solid connectivity solutions through our community partners

    The Regional Tech Hub gives relevant, practical and up-to-date advice. We maintain open, two-way communication with key partners in the telecommunications industry and connectivity advocacy. This approach ensures we remain well-informed about existing issues and technological advancements and changes, enabling us to offer you the most relevant solutions for your needs.

  • Our partners help us help you

    • National Farmers Federation

      The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia. It is one of Australia’s foremost and respected advocacy organisations. Since its inception in 1979, the NFF has earned a reputation as a leader in the identification, development and achievement of policy outcomes – championing issues affecting farmers and dedicated to the advancement of agriculture.

      The NFF is deeply rooted in communities throughout regional, rural, and remote Australia, with a strong membership base and longstanding relationships with stakeholders. These extensive community connections, member engagement, and well-established governance structures ensure they remain answerable to the Australian Government and directly accountable to the end users of the Regional Tech Hub. The NFF has successfully managed the RTH for over 2.5 years, gaining significant experience in offering personalised advice, tools, and information to help individuals understand their connectivity options and resolve any telecommunication issues.

    • Australian Government

      The Australian Government is committed to providing affordable and reliable internet and voice services to all Australians, including those in rural and remote areas. The Better Connectivity Plan, along with innovative commercial solutions, are improving infrastructure and introducing advanced technology to regions with limited options. The government-funded Regional Tech Hub plays a crucial role in helping individuals and communities understand, keep pace, and make the most of these evolving connectivity solutions.

    • ACCAN

      The Commonwealth-funded Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is Australia’s peak communications consumer organisation. They represent individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit groups as communications products and services consumers. ACCAN aims to empower consumers to make good choices with telecommunications products and services. ACCAN assisted with content for the Regional Tech Hub website and continues to work closely with us on providing relevant and current information.

    • BIRRR

      BIRRR (Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia) is an organisation of regional, rural and remote volunteers. They offer support, independent advice and advocacy on connectivity and digital literacy and negotiate often-confusing bush broadband options and issues. They also lobby for improved access to communications for all Australians, regardless of location. BIRRR was instrumental in advocating for the Regional Tech Hub, assisted with creation of original content for the website, and continues to provide information and support.