• Check network outages

    This page provides links to the network status/outages pages of some major internet and voice service providers.

  • nbn® outages

    Check the nbn® status page for any unplanned outages or planned maintenance.

    Note that this specific status page does not cover premises connected via business nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service or Enterprise Ethernet, and may not reflect all outages for the nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus satellite service.

    If you are experiencing issues and they’re not listed on the nbn® page, contact your service provider.

    Other nbn® contacts:

    • Phone: 1800 OUR NBN® (1800 687 626)
    • Facebook

    Always check with your retail service provider for any issues that may be occurring.

  • Service provider outage pages

    Not all service providers have a dedicated outages page. Those we’re aware of are listed here. We will continue to add to the page as more information is found.

    You may have to enter your address or postcode to find out whether there’s something happening in your area.

  • Major telcos

  • SkyMuster providers

  • Other suppliers

    We will add to this list as we get information.

  • Other places to look

    There are user-reported websites that you can look at. These rely on people contacting the page with their problems, so their reliability may not be perfect.

    • Aussie Server Down
    • Down Detector
    • Down for everyone or just me. This site checks whether a website is having problems, as opposed to whether your network is having issues.