nbn® Fixed Wireless Solar Mount Option: Hero business solution!

McInnes Earthmoving
Heyfield, VIC
nbn® Fixed Wireless

The problem

McInnes originally had an ADSL connection before changing to nbn® Sky Muster, but still struggled with a slow and unreliable connection. They tried installing antennas and mobile boosters which improved mobile phone service, but did not fix the internet issue. This directly impacted their daily operations.

The solution

After four years of minimal mobile service, dropouts, slow internet speeds, McInne Earthmoving reached out to the Regional Tech Hub for a solution. We worked in collaboration with nbn® Co and ultimately nbn decided to install the first official non-standard nbn® Fixed Wireless Solar Mount Option to significantly improve internet speeds and reliability for their business.

Since the installation, average upload and download speeds have increased to around 60-70 mbps a huge improvement. Staff can now complete all daily operations with no droupout issues regardless of whether they are sitting in the office or working in the surrounding sheds

– McInnes Earthmoving

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