On Farm Connectivity Program

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is proud to support the Australian Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program (OFCP). To help farmers navigate the connectivity investment landscape and make informed decisions for their business, the On Farm Connectivity Information Service is provided by the NFF’s Regional Tech Hub to provide free and independent advice on producers’ connectivity options.

Starting from 1 November, producers will be able to utilise the Regional Tech Hub’s 1:1 communication channels to ask questions and seek expert advice. You can get in touch by booking a time to speak with our team, contacting our 1800 hotline, or fill out a simple form and we will get back to you with more information.

Get started on your connectivity journey today!
View a recording of our free webinar held on 23 November 2023 to learn how you can access rebates up to $30,000 to boost connectivity and digital tech on your farm.
In this practical 1-hour webinar, you’ll discover:
•    How to apply for the rebate funding of 50% of connectivity equipment and installation costs
•    Eligibility criteria for the program
•    Real-world examples of equipment covered by the rebate
•    Guidance from experts on choosing the right tech for your operation
•    Plus, learn about the NFF’s free tailored advisory service to make your connectivity upgrade simple and stress-free.

What is the On Farm Connectivity program?

The Australian Government’s OnFarm Connectivity Program (OFCP) is a $30 million initiative over two years to support primary producers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries adopt connected machinery and sensor technology.

Providing a rebate of 50 per cent of the cost of eligible equipment, including installation and training, with grants of between $3,000 and $30,000 (excluding GST), the OFCP covers digital technologies such as soil moisture probes, water flow and pressure monitors, livestock monitoring systems and pump controllers as well as, associated connectivity equipment.

What is the Information Service?

The Regional Tech Hub works directly with producers using the independent On Farm Connectivity Information Service to help them make informed decisions around the connectivity technologies best suited to their business. The service complements the On Farm Connectivity Program by allowing producers to research their connectivity needs before applying for the grant.

Whether it be determining how to extend connectivity from the house to the machinery shed or yards, or how to support some of the highly sophisticated production networks and systems they wish to adopt, the Information Service provides practical, tailored solutions.

Producers are urged to make use of this free, independent advisory service, so they can confidently participate in the On Farm Connectivity Program and access rebated support for the cost of eligible equipment, including installation and training, to boost the productivity of their business.

Want to get in touch with the Regional Tech Hub?

Call the Regional Tech Hub on 1300 081 029 to speak to one of our friendly team or click the links below to book a time to speak with us or fill in a form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your queries.

On-Farm Connectivity Resources

Producer Resource Kit

Are you a producer looking for connectivity information?

Use the following use cases and fact sheets to identify the type of connectivity technology you would like to implement on your property.

Contact the Regional Tech Hub for advice on how to connect.

Contact the Australian Government and complete your grant application.

Examples of use of technology on farm

Factsheets and useful guides

Stakeholder Kit

The following resources are available to share with producers about the Information Service.

Got questions?

Find answers to common questions for producers and suppliers in the documents below.

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