• SpaceX Starlink satellite connections

    Starlink, created by SpaceX, is a satellite network using low earth orbit satellites (LEOs) to provide high-speed internet across Australia. It supports streaming, gaming, video calls, and more, offering home, business, and mobile user options.

  • Starlink
  • The pros and cons of Starlink satellites

      • Positives

      • Fast download and upload speeds, lower latency (delays).
      • Currently offer unlimited data plans
      • Plans and equipment are easy to order and are directly ordered through Starlink. Equipment can also be purchased off the shelf from a number of major Australian retailers instead.
      • Can be relocated (if the new location’s cell isn’t full) and portable (for an additional cost). Self service tools are available online to assist with this.
      • Available in all Australian areas including island locations, under residential, business and RV plans.
      • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the US overseas headquarters.
      • The Starlink dish is designed to withstand wind speeds of over 200km/h, provided it is securely mounted.
      • 12-month equipment warranty
      • Negatives

      • Dropouts can occur when the connection is switching satellites which could impact video conferencing and voice calls.
      • Plans, costs, data limits and speeds can be changed without notice.
      • While coverage is across all of Australia, the number of connections per cell is limited and filling up fast.
      • Equipment needs to be connected to the network at a minimum of every few months to maintain software updates.
      • There are currently no Australian suppliers of Starlink services to residential homes.
      • SpaceX is an international company, based in the US. Typically, the only way to access support is through the mobile app.
      • In temperatures above 50℃, you will need to bring the dish indoors.
      • Warranty excludes damage from weather, humans, and animals. Should you need to replace hardware, shipping time takes between 1-2 weeks.
    • 1 How do I get a Starlink connection?
      • 01
        Check Coverage Area

        Check Starlink’s availability map to see if there is coverage in your specific location.

        If there is no coverage, the map shows when it is expected to activate. In some locations the cell for your area may be full, meaning there is a waitlist. It is possible to pay a deposit and receive an estimate on the roll-out window. However, placing a deposit does not guarantee service. Please read Starlink’s Pre-Order agreement here.

        Check Coverage Area

      • 02
        Choose the Right Plan

        Starlink has plans available for home, business and mobile use. Investigate these plans to choose which is the right option for your needs. Costs can vary as plans do change from time to time and Starlink often runs different promotional offers, so it is best to check their website for the most recent prices. As of November 2023, indicative costs and speeds for residential installations in rural, regional, and remote Australia are as follows:

        • Hardware is priced at a starting price of $599 (discounted, normally $924. Refurbished kits are available in Australia for $299 until 1/1/2024.)
        • Shipping is $30 to anywhere in Australia.
        • Monthly internet service charge starting from $139 for unlimited data usage
        • Expected download speeds ranging from 150-300Mbps.

        SpaceX - Choose the right plan

      • 03
        Install and Activate the Equipment

        When you buy Starlink, you get a DIY kit featuring:

        • Starlink satellite dish: Easy to set up, needs a clear view of the southern sky for quick connection.
        • Wi-Fi router, cables, and mount: Available for homes, businesses, and RVs, with costs varying by kit type.
        • A link to the mobile app: Starlink manages their service globally from the US headquarters through this app, which you will need to add to your mobile phone.

        You can find out more about Starlink with the following resources:

        Install and Activate the Equipment

  • LEO Satellite Service Providers

    SpaceX Starlink is currently the only consumer-based operating LEO satellite service available in Australia. However, the number of providers is expected to grow in the coming 1-3 years. Other LEO satellite service providers that are expected to service Australia, include:

    • OneWeb
    • Amazon
    • Iridium
    • Telesat
    • LeoSat

    As information changes frequently, you can find out more about Starlink, view any frequently asked questions, check your ability to access Starlink, and access troubleshooting tips for your service here.

    SpaceX Equipment
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