• New satellite plans: More choice & flexibility for regional Australia

    New nbn® Sky Muster® satellite plans now provide regional, rural and remote Australians with entry, mid-tier and high-tier options for uncapped data according to their internet needs and budget.

    The three plans now available are:

    • Sky Muster® Plus Premium – high-tier option
    • Sky Muster® Plus Premium – mid-tier option
    • Sky Muster® Plus Premium – entry-tier option
  • Other new features are being offered alongside the Sky Muster® Plus and Plus Premium products, including the option to purchase dedicated static IP (internet protocol) addresses for users who wish to do things like remotely access their network from outside their property.

    The opportunity to enhance the nbn® satellite network is possible due to the nbn® Fixed Wireless and Fixed Fibre upgrades, which has allowed many current users of satellite and fixed wireless networks to upgrade their connection. For more information visit New satellite plans offer more choice and flexibility for regional Australia | nbn® (nbnco.com.au).

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