Troubleshoot services

This page offers some basic tips to try when you’re having problems with individual pieces of software on your computer, laptop, or mobile devices (for example iPhone, iPad, tablet).

We are unable to provide support for specific software or services.

We can, however, suggest some things to try.

You may need to contact your internet service provider, your phone provider, or the software/service provider directly.

Troubleshooting checklist

  • What software, app, system or service is having issues?
  • Is the problem occurring in more than one app, system, service, or software?

If so, the issue is more likely to be with your device or your connection. Try to test another different device – for example, if your smartphone isn’t working properly, try to access the software’s website from a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Check the username and password for any software, service, or app that needs logging in. Perform a password reset if you can.
  • Go to the software/service’s webpage and look for information about known issues.
  • If you can, un-install and re-install the software/app. Note that this may result in the loss of data, logins, and relevant information, so it’s not always the easiest option.
  • Contact the place you bought the software, or the supplier of the app/software/service directly. Many will have social media sites where you can ask questions, or use email.


Still not sure?

Contact our Helpdesk directly. We can try to narrow down the issue for you.