Understanding regional connectivity key to finding the right solutions

Daniel Knight
nbn® Equipment Installation

The problem

When Daniel moved to Victoria in 2019, he struggled with limited internet coverage, dropouts and speed issues even though his house was in line of sight of the telco tower. He even changed providers, but still had the same signal issues. Daniel works in vocational education, undertaking contract work teaching across the country. His job depends on reliable internet.

The solution

In 2021, Daniel contacted the Regional Tech Hub to complete a diagnostic report. We confirmed the antenna placement and line of sight were good for his home address, and proceeded to troubleshoot the issue. We discovered the nbn® equipment was incorrectly placed and contributed to the bad signal.

The staff at the Regional Tech Hub gave me ideas on how to improve signal quality, including moving the nbn® equipment and using wireless units to stabilise the signal. We have since moved the location of the equipment and our internet issues are a thing of the past.

-Daniel Knight

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