Investing in digital water monitoring infrastructure through the On Farm Connectivity Program

Barbara and Mark Mason
Cunnamulla, Qld
Using the On Farm Connectivity Program to rebate the cost of digital water infrastructure equipment purchase, installation and training.

The problem

The Masons wanted to upgrade their remote water monitoring infrastructure, over a property with no mobile phone connectivity.

The solution

Using funding from the On Farm Connectivity Program, the couple installed remote water monitoring technology for their tanks and three rain gauges around the property. They also engaged the services of a supplier to connect all their irrigation pivots to Wi-Fi, by creating a Wi-Fi zone on the property totalling 240 hectares.

“We wanted to put the rain gauges and tank monitoring system in, so we did that bit first
and that was really easy. And then Mark said, instead of just doing just that,
let’s do the tricky stuff, which was the Wi-Fi and something we couldn’t just do, as you
need a technical person to do that, so we spilt our rebate in two.”

Barbara Mason

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