Tech Tips

This page provides basic tips on using your computer or mobile device effectively, or links to reputable pages to provide the necessary advice.

This may help improve a slow or unreliable internet connection, or at least help identify where an issue may be occurring.

Use the specific pages for instructions on how to perform many of these tips, if you’re not sure.

Tips to try and speed up your device

These tips may help speed up your computer, device, or internet service.

They may help identify where a persistent issue is – or isn’t – occurring.

  • Shut down your computer or device.
  • Restart your computer or device.
  • Start your computer in “safe mode”.
  • Close open software/apps.
  • Shut down unwanted processes.
  • Uninstall unneeded software or apps.
  • Uninstall and reinstall problematic software or apps.
  • Block automatic software upgrades.
  • Manually update software, particularly connection software.
  • Empty the virtual bin/trash.
  • Clean your desktop – don’t store large files on your desktop. Store them in appropriate folders and, as need be, add aliases or shortcuts to them, if you need to get to them quickly.
  • Go through your files and delete old/unwanted content, particularly on the desktop (lack of disk space can slow down a computer or device).
  • Find software to assess and “clean up” your computer or device – find and remove duplicates, temporary files, downloads, or very old files. Visit the page for your device for more information.
  • Check for malware – viruses, spyware, and the like.
  • Update or install anti-malware software and do a scan.
  • Reset/update network settings.
  • Backup data to an external hard drive, or remote/cloud drive, to free up space on your local hard drive.
  • Check cloud computing software settings (eg iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) – they can hog a network connection and take up disk space.
  • Try different software to access internet services.
  • Alternative web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Windows Edge, Windows Internet Explorer.

Alternative email software: Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird.

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