Connectivity Toolkit

Below are all the resources you need to accompany the information provided in the toolkit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Regional Tech Hub Connectivity 2022 Toolkit (PDF version)


What Internet Technology Is Right For Me?

An Introduction to Cloud-Based Software


Regional Tech Hub image

Facebook Tile 1 – Get Connected

Instagram Tile 1 – Get Connected

Twitter Tile 1 – Get Connected
Facebook Tile 2 – Stay Connected
Instagram Tile 2 – Stay Connected
Twitter Tile 2 – Stay Connected
Facebook Tile 3 – Improve Connection
Instagram Tile 3 – Improve Connection
Twitter Tile 3 – Improve Connection
Facebook Tile 4 – Use Connection
Instagram Tile 4 – Use Connection
Twitter Tile 4 – Use Connection
Facebook Post – Get Connected, Stay Connected
Instagram Tile – Get Connected, Stay Connected
Twitter Tile – Get Connected, Stay Connected
Facebook Tile – All Options
Instagram Tile – All Options
Twitter Tile – All Options



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