Business internet

Access to reliable internet services has brought about major changes in how businesses of all sizes can operate. Currently, nbn provide two services specifically for business operations – Business Broadband Sky Muster satellite, and Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.

From part-time sole trader enterprises supplementing the farm income, through to major enterprises such as minesites and broadscale agriculture, there’s a range of services providing support and information to improve your everyday activities.

This page currently focusses on the range of business-grade Internet plans and options. Over time, however, it will provide an increasing range of links and information around running businesses in regional, rural and remote Australian locations.

Business broadband – Sky Muster

Some resellers of nbn™ Sky Muster satellite services offer plans with business-specific requirements. These can include service level agreements (SLAs), lower contention ratios (that is, your data “contends” with fewer other data requests over the same pipeline, meaning you get faster speeds), possibly higher upload speeds if required, access to Virtual Private Networks, fixed IP addresses, and other requirements.

ISPs that offer business plans will generally have a dedicated business person or group who can help you identify your needs, and either put together a specific plan for your requirements or identify their provider plans that will work for you.

The following ISPs offer nbn™ Sky Mustersatellite Business plans.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a premium fibre access network that is fast, reliable, and adaptive. Enterprise Ethernet is nbn’s flagship wholesale business fibre product and is available to an estimated 1.5 million Australian business locations.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet provides business and government customers with affordable, superfast internet over a dedicated fibre network—which means it never slows down during peak periods. It offers symmetric speeds from 10Mbps to close to 10Gbps and was built to support data-intensive businesses. Businesses can easily send and receive large files, participate in smooth video conferencing and access cloud-based services.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is designed for organisations of all sizes, from businesses with under five employees to large multi-site enterprises.  There are no nbn™ up-front build costs for an estimated 90% of business locations within the nbn™ network footprint. To check your address and find out how nbn™ can help your business, visit your Telstra Business Technology Centre.

Benefits of the system:

  • Experience consistent, fast performance with network availability target of up to 99.95% to keep your business running.
  • Access equal upload and download speeds, even at peak times for enhanced experiences.
  • Choose from a range of bandwidth options for reliable connectivity that’s suited to your needs.
  • Fast, dedicated, and diverse fibre connectivity to all 121 nbn Points of Interconnect (POIs), removing the need for additional hops and minimising latency.

Click here for a deeper explanation of the benefits. You can also check out this document which provides a comparison between the Sky Muster Satellite Services and the business nbn Satellite Services.

To find out more on accessing Enterprise Ethernet, visit the business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet webpage. Note that nbn™ is the wholesaler and you will need to contact your preferred Retail Service Provider to request a new connection. You should also read the nbn fair use policy for Enterprise Ethernet for the guidelines on using this service.