This page will provide an increasing range of links and information to provide support to you as a pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, or adult education student, and to students you support.

We particularly recommend the “Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association” website for student resources.

Some of the information on this page was originally developed by BIRRR in consultation with the ICPA.

Setting up for video conferencing in education

We’ve developed a quick guide on things to consider when setting up your space to use video conferencing for educational purposes. By considering these factors, you improve your learning space and are set up for success.

The nbn® Sky Muster® education service

This is a service available to pre-school, primary and secondary students ONLY, who use nbn Sky Muster internet for their distance or home-schooling education.

Use the following links for more information on this service.

Unmetered content for education sites

Some service providers and products offer what’s called “unmetered content”. This refers to content or services whose data usage isn’t counted against your monthly data quota.

For non-Sky Muster services, Telstra provides unmetered access to a range of educational websites when accessed via most of its broadband services. Check with Telstra to find if your service is eligible.

Our page on “Unmetered content” provides a list of education-related pages known to be unmetered at time of writing (April 2021). Please contact us if you know of other pages.

nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus plans also offer unmetered content.

Resources and more information

Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association

Distance education pages for each state Department of Education (where possible).

nbn blog: Education