What is a Gargoyle router

This document explains what “Gargoyle” firmware (software) is and how it can be used on your router. The software can be installed on any compatible Wi-Fi router.


Gargoyle allows you to enforce data usage quotas for each device on your computer network.

Unfortunately, due to the variables of different internet connection types and equipment types, it is not simple to give a single step-by-step guide. The following information will hopefully give you an overview of what Gargoyle can do, even if you have to get a computer tech in to set it up for you.

What is the Gargoyle router management utility?

Gargoyle is a brand name of software for routers. This sort of software is called “firmware”. It replaces the firmware already on your router and allows you to make the router behave the way you want it to.

The Gargoyle software is free to anyone. It can be downloaded at http://www.gargoyle-router.com.

Installing the Gargoyle software on any compatible Wi-Fi router allows you to limit how much data each device on your network can use over a given time period.

It’s a useful way to ensure you do not use all of your monthly internet allowance.

Using the Gargoyle software you can see how much data each device is using, and set limits for each device. These limits can reset every hour, every day, every week, or every month, and can be set differently for different devices on your network.

How do I get Gargoyle?

You need to have a fairly recent, and relatively powerful, router.

There are two parts to the process:

  1. Installing the Gargoyle firmware on your specific router.
  2. Configuring Gargoyle to operate the way you want it to.

Guides to these processes are available on the Gargoyle website.

Both processes can be a bit tricky for those who are not experienced with computer networking.

You need to have some basic knowledge of networking, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and how to find them.

If you’re not experienced with computer networking, have a chat with your local computer shop or IT Technician. They may not have heard of Gargoyle, but should be comfortable upgrading and configuring router firmware, and so should be able to manage Gargoyle.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: You, and you alone are responsible for what you do with this information. It has the potential to stop your internet from working, and cause issues with your router.

What types of internet setup will Gargoyle work on?

Creating a Gargoyle router will work for any setup where you use a stand-alone router for your internet connection.

For example, where your setup looks roughly like this:

Internet connection setup

The router is the box you’ll be making changes to.

If you connect your computer directly into your internet modem, connection box, or nbn™ Network Termination Device (NTD), and don’t use a router at all, this setup cannot work.

The same applies if your internet modem is also a router – that is, it’s a combined modem/router. For example, portable mobile broadband modems are also small routers.

Do not make any modifications to your modem!

If you don’t have a stand-alone router setup and want to use Gargoyle, you will need to change your network setup so the box that receives the internet connection is plugged into a separate box (the router) to broadcast the internet connection internally.

We can’t provide advice on that here. Speak to your IT expert first.

What routers does Gargoyle work on?

You can’t use just any router. The Gargoyle website has a list of routers that will work with the software. It also provides advice on how to make an informed decision on whether your router will work or not.

Most of the supported routers need to be bought specifically; they’re typically not available at JBHiFi, Officeworks, or the like.

To find your chosen router, type in the name of it (for example, TP-Link TL-WR1043ND) and the words “buy Australia” into a search engine. It should bring up websites where you can buy the router.


Can I buy a router with Gargoyle pre-installed?

You can buy pre-installed routers directly from the Gargoyle website. You must buy the Australian plug adaptor as well as the router itself.

There’s also an NZ company called Portable Electronics Ltd who ship to Australia. Select the “Gargoyle Wi-Fi router”. They’ll also provide advice, for a fee.